Thursday, 12 December 2013

Brow Beaten? Not Quite

But I do admit, the little darling hairs on the right side of my nose are not exactly following the line. In fact, they are doing everything but following. However did the tattoo artist make the two tats even? She could not follow the crazy brow hairs.

But then, no one could.

Silver's coming in great.
Seems people like to single out the odd-ball thing and acknowledge it by making fun of it. Like that BBQ mishap jab ("Oh, you burn your eyebrows when you opened the BBQ lid and there was a flash fire?" or the time I was in a line at the pharmacy and the woman in front of me happened to look back into my face. There were two or three ahead of us so she struck up a conversation. It had to do about my eyebrows.

I could see her scrutinizing them and next thing I know, she'd licked her index finger and leaning close to me, she said, "Your brows are a mess. Here, let me straighten them for you." And she ran her saliva-ridden finger over first the right and before I could recoil, the left.

She then craned her neck to see what the point-of-purchase items were on the counter and selecting an eyebrow pencil, she snapped off the lid and proceeded to draw in my brows! I was mortified.

Getting unreadable brows that did not need to be fixed by strangers was a Godsend for me.