Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sign Me Up

Tomorrow is a special day for the Ottawa Little Theatre's Playwrights Circle.  One of our playwrights has completed a play and it has been submitted to various theatres and such for consideration.

Flowers are nice but they are short-lived and the playwright has put much into this play and everything surrounding it so I thought that I'd create something to present to her after the reading tomorrow eve.

I'll be finishing the 11" x 17" sign tomorrow. Is it a sign?  I guess you can call it a sign although I shall be combing through my collection of frames for a suitable one so once framed, I don't know what you'd call it.

I also fashioned some directional signs. We are reading the play in the Green Room which is in the basement of the theatre, along with the prop and costumes departments and various rehearsal rooms. It's a rabbit warren and our audience for tomorrow eve, all eight of them, would not find the spot without help. The room has a capacity of 20, for this purpose, and the rest of us are readers.

The Green Room, in this case and many other green rooms I've been in, is not green. This one is actually white walls with posters of plays that have been put on and the furniture is red and black.