Saturday, 18 January 2014

Much Accomplished Today

Give two people several hours muddling about a room that is in flux and they will come up with a plan.

This is not to say that there weren't situations along the way, as when it was nip and tuck if the white cube unit would interfere with the ceiling fan. No problem there. And will it fit in neatly on top of a table and not stick out and hamper getting by. This is by no means a small nor light piece of furniture and we governed ourselves accordingly.

Piles of things everywhere…and guitar cases.
It looks like it's all going to work out. Not only will there be half a wall of shelves on the far wall of the apartment but the tall shelf will fit into an unused hallway while the cubes will highlight items of interest, some art, some curios, some books. 

Getting rid of the couch and getting these cubes assembled is by far the biggest and most noticeable change so far. I am very grateful to those who've helped. 

The cube unit was slated to go on top of
the desk where the plastic bins are
currently. Turns out that the cubes
cannot go there as they bump into the
ceiling. If the rad the clock sits on was
not present, they would fit but it they sat on the
desk, they would have had to be raised at least
six inches in order to sit on top of the rad.
Not doable.

It's one thing schlepping around boxes and using the back landing hoist to lower bags of discarded items and garbage, and then raising boxes of recent acquisitions but when it comes time to lifting furniture, it takes two people.

And often my vision is not achievable and it is good to have the voices of practicality to rein in fanciful thoughts.

Looking from the office area through the cubes
to the living room. 
View looking from the living room
towards  the office area.

From the kitchen, the talk brown shelving unit divides
the dining area from the living room section. You can
just see the white 16-cube unit peaking out on the right
in front of the brown shelves. 
There seemed to be nowhere to put
this tall, large and heavy shelf until looking
to one side of my desk, there was a perfect tall
wall which will accommodate nicely. Otherwise,
it was to the garage with this very handy unit.
On the left is the wall where the tall brown
shelving unit will go. Currently,
there are filing cabinets in this hall and
many small drawers that hold 4 x 6 photos.