Sunday, 19 January 2014

Prototypes in Place

What a huge difference today has made. Just me working and it was difficult moving the heavy furniture about but it has worked out.

The cube shelves are where they want to be but they require bracing or strapping to the ceiling before putting on weighty items.

How things are looking at present. Cube shelf need stabilizing
before it can be filled and book shelves along rear wall
need to be narrower in width and the hardware needs to fit properly.
Some of the shelves are the wrong size. Still, this gives a good idea
of what's in mind.

Once the cube shelving is secure, I will be able to fill it from both sides as the cubes are 14" x 14" so more than enough depth to display distinct items. Of course, only I will see what faces the office since I am the only person using this space.

The Cabinet Cigars neon clock had to stay where it is as there is no other place but the radiator
in the kitchen area but having to dine with it would be quite distracting. Staring into this clock is not something that inspires tranquillity.

The wall was not going to be painted yellow. Black was the original colour choice and up until 3:00 pm today, I had no inkling that the wall would go yellow. A knock on the door resulted in a friend nay-saying black in favour of yellow or orange. I opted for yellow and dashed to the paint store with a sample of the colour I wanted.  The shelves will probably be painted black. I also want to incorporate some mirrors behind the books, between the uprights. This will add depth and it will also reflect light from the window along the right-hand wall.

Tentative brush strokes.
Side view from office area.
Oh, the rest of the cats' toys.
The wall is in bad shape as is the
floor but a couple coats of paint revive
them somewhat.