Monday, 20 January 2014

Book Shelves Take Shape

Much better today with uniform pine boards and hardware.
A few cuts tomorrow and a few more screws into the uprights to ensure holdability and maybe another upright and I can start loading these shelves with books from shelves scattered throughout my apartment. Then, all of a sudden, there will be space freed-up to do other things.

Was trying for the floor-to-ceiling effect but there's no place for the desk so for the time being, the shelves will go from above the desk and up. And mirrors. Must install some scattered mirrors and see what that effect is like.

Meanwhile, below are some of the items still without space.

Once the tall shelving unit moves into what I call the useless  hallway, much will be stored there. Additionally, some of the stackable plastic bins can be positioned in the hallway, too.

Let me let you in on a secret. For the first time, I went to one of the Habitat for Humanity stores, also called ReStore. There are two in Ottawa. The prices are phenomenal and service, mostly by volunteers, is superb. I couldn't just stop at buying four boards, I bought a chain door lock to keep out invaders and a heavy-duty, weather-resistant pad lock for the garage.

Last year at around this time, my Dodge Caravan was stolen from my garage. Had my garage been locked, indeed, if it had had doors, my van would not have been stolen. I truly resent having to go to extreme measures to safeguard my property but for the time being, this is what must be done.

This is the very tall, heavy unit that will go in the useless hallway and hold several hundred pounds of art supplies. No books. Books go on the wall-to-wall shelves along the yellow wall. Might gather these by colour. Not sure yet. Certainly, not by size. 

If you are chaffing and wondering, where's the art in all of this. I am arranging and rearranging so that I can return to being an artist. And with the gallon of bright yellow pair left over, opportunities are endless.