Friday, 24 January 2014

Photo Pyre

Soon to be a reality. I thought better of throwing away the thousands of photos taken over a 15 year span. All the pix have my name and address on the back. What if some dim bulb thinks that I own all the things in the photos, the cars, the boats, that I live a lavish life-style, and comes by to help themselves? Given the things stolen from me over the past year, I am just a little paranoid.

On the outskirts of Ottawa, in rural areas, as long as the person burning things phones the Ministry of Natural Resources first, they can burn to their heart's content. When I was a child, my grandparents had a 45-gal. metal drum in their backyard where they burned combustibles. There were chickens in a coop behind the garage, too. It was a way of life.

I hope to be through the photos by Monday. This is such a huge job. It is not lost on me that there are generations, probably anyone up to 30 years old, who will never have to go through old photos in this physical way. Everything is digital for them and always has been.