Thursday, 23 January 2014


Wow, working so hard on clearing photos, lost track of time
More in a little while.

An hour later.

Going through thousands of photos is a taxing job and one that is fraught with memories, some good, some not so good. It's difficult seeing people who've long since left this world, cars that are no more, and pets that have passed on. I think this is why when I see photos of children taken a decade or more ago, I want them and their parents to have them.

I tried to get in touch with the parents of last evening's red-headed baby and will see where it leads.
The man with his blond daughter below, was an auto-body man when I interviewed him in 2002 and I'll check and see if he's still got his shingle hung at the end of his drive.

As for the 1938 Packard, who knows if the owner is the same or perhaps his son has it now. And the orange Pro-stock, it's not racing any more and I have not seen the driver in ten years.

The pile of photo envelopes below are the ones I am keeping that will be married to the article they illustrate. When I go through this exercise, I will further cull the photos otherwise, I will not be able to zip the binders and this will lead to no end of headaches. The foot-long cardboard box continues to fill with photos just of vehicles, no people. Even in this day of Facebook, I am not comfortable knowing that my image might be with people I do not know and so I respect that others may feel the same way.
The keepers.
Each drawer holds six or seven month's
of photos.

There are seven drawers left
to sort.
The push is on to get this job done so that I can clear the hallway, what I call the useless hallway, and turn it into valuable storage. I want to remove one of the long shelves and position the other so that I can store guitar cases there. Getting the cases off the floor will increase space and I will not have to be moving them hither and thither as I rearrange.

The hallway in my apartment leading from the front entrance the entire length has always been a no man's land. A totally ridiculous use of space, or more to the point, misuse of space. I'd take down the wall, if I could.