Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Bright Yellow Diary

It says it will change your life. Not sure that it changed Chris' life after Aunt Heather and Uncle Eric gave him it on his 18th birthday10 years ago. Interesting that Chris would tuck his relatives' card between the pages and it would stay there through to 2012 when another person was attracted to the book and bought it at Carleton Clubs Day. I located it at Ottawa University at the Sustainability project location in the 600 block of King Edward. I was attracted by the ochre-coloured cover than by any promises made.

That's how shallow goes when one is decorating according to colour.

A bit of an installation this aft in the bathroom. So hard untangling earrings heaped in a pile in a dish so i tacked a grid to the wall and  now I can see at a glance which earrings I want to wear.

Not sure what this grid originally went to. Could have been a toaster oven but it's too big for that.

Grids are just the most marvellous thing.