Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Cuckoo Enjoy

Into every life, a little…rice must fall. Preferably on a plate and cooked and not pelted in front of a church.
This appliance is a rice cooker manufactured by a Korean appliance company, Cuckoo. 
This could explain why it is called the Cuckoo Enjoy. Or maybe not. 
The ovoid shape is very interesting, no sharp edges anywhere, and this model, as you can see when you compare it to the state-of-the-art one on the left, has a minimal digital readout and fewer options and it comes with a jiggling brass steam release valve. The new models actually talk and decide what rice you are cooking and how long it should take. A couple cooking rice and seeds in a YouTube HowTo using one of these Cuckoos waited 40 minutes for their dish to be cooked. Of course, rice and seeds, that's hard work.

I may never experience how this Cuckoo Enjoy works as the plug is a two-pronged round plug and not compatible. Perhaps I can adapt it but it may run on 220 volts. If it is adaptable, I might be able to cook six to 10 cups of rice at a go. This is considerably better than the two cups a regular sauce pan does. Some of the commercial Cuckoo rice cookers will cook 30 to 35 cups of rice. 

I am not worried about not being able to actually use this as it is meant for one of the 16 cubes when I get another cleared of art supplies. It will become a conversation starter. As in, "What in tarnation is _that_!"

This rice cooker was found at the Sustainability Project and I believe may have been one of the first items donated. Doubtful if this appliance saw much action over the past decade. I hope to call the Cuckoo store, either the one in Vancouver or the one in Toronto and ask them about this particular model, when the last time it was available for sale. I'd venture not in the past 20 years.