Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Crash 'n Burn

There is something in the human psyche that simply loves car wrecks.

Check out how the facsimile above makes you feel. Quite the jumble! 

This board shows the information highway as it crashes and burns.

We are trapped between Gutenberg and his movable type and the computer age. It's like being torn between grandma's home cooking and a tawdry fast food joint as the so-called information highway pushes us willy-nilly into a sedentary mash-up of an existence. 

Below, you can see the board as it started with a solid and a dotted line and a few cars painted in garish streaky model paint. The completed board takes the idea so much further. It's the cock-eyed Corvette in the upper left-hand corner that was the finishing touch. That and the cross I fashioned for the roof of the army ambulance.

Thank-you for being a witness to board/bored destruction.

Shannon Lee