Friday, 18 June 2010

Cleanliness and Godliness Guidlines

Last night's box of boards needed attention. If you've ever pried up keys on a keyboard, you will realize now filthy they are.  There's bits of skin, food, ash from cigarettes and much unidentified detritus under the keys. This is why I soak the boards and dry them before I do anything to them.

Thus, every once in awhile, my trusty rain barrel becomes a washing machine for keyboards. I don't use soap or anything, that is, unless the boards are discoloured from food, alcohol or nicotine. Bleach sometimes makes a difference but usually is not necessary as the boards are going to be painted anyway. The paint seals whatever's left behind.

As these particular boards were immersed in the rain barrel, I noticed an ant had taken refuge and was using one of them as a life raft. Poor little blighter. I recall a time when I tried to scoop an ant from a certain watery grave and didn't it bite me as I lifted it from the surface of the water? Little rogue! This one was not anti-social and was saved.

Below, all clean and ready to face God and country, the keyboards are lined up against the garage doors as they dry in the sun.

There are so many layers in each board it'll take a day or two before they are entirely dry and ready for paint.

More on this later when I tell you what it's like to cut a keyboard in half. Not what you'd expect, at all.

Thank-you for moving heaven and earth with me.

Shannon Lee