Saturday, 19 June 2010

Doing the Slow Show Dance

There are art shows some of which you send in your $$ and you're in. Others, you pretty well have to talk yourself into. I am trying to talk the Urban Art Show organizers for the Minto Park show to accept me as one of their 50 people for the July 24 show. I know that I am accepted for the Art in the Park show at Strathcona Park in August because I sent them a cheque and it did not come back in the mail. I offered to be in Burnstown on June 27th, to add some quirkiness to their annual event, but no one replied to my email.

This afternoon, I assembled a selection of boards, seen here, and sent them to Marc Adornato who is soliciting a specific kind of art for a Robo-Art show later this year. He is looking for artists who create robotic art, kinetic or static robo-sculpture, art with motors, sensors, video, lights, sound, or even paintings of circuit boards, space-age landscapes, 2D abstract-techno-art, and figurative robo-drama, etc.

I hope to catch his eye with some of my existent boards mentioning that I can certainly create something motorized and/or with lights if my basic format is acceptable. I've been meaning to do these add-ons all along. His emphasis is on kinesis so static isn't going to cut it.

Meanwhile, there is a show at the end of September at the Irish Canadian Cultural Centre aka St. Brigid's on Cumberland St. in Ottawa. This is a fund-raiser for the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and is called ARTemesia. There is an entry fee of $10 per piece and each item must have something to do with memory or the loss thereof.

Ah, another challenge. As if the Deadly Sin suite isn't enough. This is like teaching a colour-blind person colour by taste with the assumption that there is no other taste like that of a green Life Saver, etc.

Thank-you for being a life-saver.

Shannon Lee