Friday, 23 July 2010

The Van Plan

I have not moved in decades so I am not that great of a packer in terms of arranging space and fitting things into corners they otherwise might not have fit.

I always marveled at what fit into whatever cargo vehicle the Gentle Wings Puppet Troupe
( use to take their show from event to event. The three or four puppeteers cram amazing amounts of backdrops, props and puppets, lots of puppets, from the tiniest finger puppet to their gigantic purple dragon mascot and the, uh, GIANT, a puppet used in their riff on the Oscar Wilde short story, The Selfish Giant (1888).

Meanwhile, here in Ottawa, the show must go on and I must have the van packed before it rains.

The secret weapon, so to speak, is the kid's wagon which I pile with the foldable tables, chairs, backdrop material and containers of Quirky B's and haul to my predetermined spot. Far be it to do donkey work when there are conveyances that hold/carry and roll.

Not lazy, just practical.

Thank-you for helping get me there.

Shannon Lee