Sunday, 3 April 2011

Art Intake Successful

Mathieu Laca and I were at the Patrick  John Mills Gallery this afternoon with our art. Mathieu brought several huge paintings with him, transported from Montreal in a large wooden framed box that holds six pieces. The large canvasses break down into panels.

Apparently, the call out to artist did not elicit as many as what were expected. Perhaps they could not think of how to show Porn is Not Art or even that it is.

For me, the topic is exactly up my alley. People access porn using the internet. As a keyboard artist, I understand this implicitly.

                                                      Party Favours

Originally, this guitar was going to be used as part of the Bow Chicka Wow Wow sign for outside the gallery. Might not have held up to the vagaries of April weather so a decision was made to create a piece for inside. The shape of the guitar is perfect to convey the idea that some women are played, and played with, while others play along.