Friday, 1 April 2011

Marathon Art Creation

A veritable marathon of work over the past several days as the vernissage for the Porn is Not Art show is on Thursday, April 7/11. 

The Bow Chicka Wow Wow board is for the A-frame outside the gallery and will introduce the show to passersby. It was not easy figuring out how to arrange the letters and endless permutations were tried. Using just the keyboard would not work as the letters were too big so a decision was made to mount everything on to a backdrop. A flash of "how to make it better" came with the addition of words cut from the poster. The fish-eye effect on the left is interesting but not feasible. 
The DIY board speaks for itself and with luck, the inflated condoms will last the entire show. I am so grateful to the Aids Committee of Ottawa for their donation of expired condoms. They have functioned as my very own Canada Council as I clearly could not have done these works without their help.

You'll note that the red guitar isn't here...not yet.
Completing a mini-installation featuring it will be the morning's goal.