Saturday, 7 May 2011

 The Bow Chicka Wow Wow sign you've heard so much about was certainly a colourful introduction to last month's show at Patrick John Mills Gallery; it was attached to the A-frame to one side of the walkway so greeted people as they made their way to the front door. Despite rainy weather, the board held up, for which I was pleased.

However, as Patrick and I were attaching the Slave to Art sign I made for this month's show, the other sign, which I'd leaned up against the edge of the A-frame blew over and the Casio keyboard came lose and some of the letters fell off. Today was given over to repairing this board and various other things that needed attention.

The easel upon which the sign rests in the photo below, for instance, needed much cleaning. It'll never work as an adjustable easel, not having been used outside for several years by another artist (I inherited it last summer) and having been stored in the snow over this past winter. I removed the surface rust, sanded some of the metal parts, primed it and then sprayed it gloss black. This job is incomplete as I ran out of black spray paint.
You can't see the easel clearly here but it is a wonderful object and will be very useful for displaying installation pieces such as the signs I've made for the last three shows at PJMG. 

The keyboard is balanced above where it will be reattached in this photo. Above, you can see that I glued the brace upon which the keyboard rests, holding it in place with a brick. It is still drying at this moment and I'll complete the reassembly in the morning.

Today was a full and constructive day with more of the same slated for the morrow.