Sunday, 10 July 2011

Acoustic Chicken Stage Sign a Huge Hit

 Lac Brule in the belle province of Quebec may never be the same after this past weekend's Cottagestock.

Cottage owner and musician, Jerry, commissioned a sign thinking that a standard Quirky B. would result. And it almost did. Signs of the Times is now a branch of the Quirky B's.

 The black covered blob leaning against the stage in the photo beside is the sign, duly encased in several layers of cloth and plastic sheeting, not necessarily for protection but for the drama of unveiling the sign. No one at the lake had any idea of what was to come.

All this added to the mystery and the pomp and panoply.
Sandwiched between two speakers.
Sign hung, looking as if it was born to be there.

Next year, if I can get my hands on it, which is  highly unlikely,  the Epifone gets made into a sign for the Electric Eel Stage, up the shoreline from the acoustic stage.