Saturday, 6 August 2011


I do not know how many people at Thursday's vernissage at Patrick John Mills Gallery saw the quiet notice on the wall where the majority of Bruce Stewart's work is hung. It is entitled, C'nest pas une bombe.

If you click on the image, you'll enlarge it for easier reading and you will see that oddly enough, the police became involved in what was hung for the WAR show.

This is somewhat problematical, in my view.

What if I had decided to do a swastika instead of a peace symbol in the Round Yellow Piece, which actually, had I thought of it before, I might have done. Instead of showing the peace within us all, indigenous evil might have been shown. Ever since, as teenagers, we took the Life logo from the cover of magazines and crossed out the f, I knew that there was good and bad in all of us. Evil is an anagram for live. Life/live, you get the picture.

With the police interfering in the curator/gallery owner's choice in what the WAR show was to include and then to go to the source and roust the artist, this is tantamount to egregious censorship.

As artists, this is something we must guard against.