Saturday, 6 August 2011

Happy Birthday, Andy Warhol

I can't help but think what people will be doing 50 years after I am gone. Maybe I should get the jump on them and do my own effigy. Maybe we all should.

Andy Warhol depicted as an old man in new sculpture

The sculpture shows Warhol with deep wrinkles and without his teeth
Edgar Askelovic's Andy Warhol 
A sculpture of pop artist Andy Warhol, depicting what he might have looked like had he still been alive, has been unveiled to mark his 83rd birthday. (Warhol died Aug. 5, 1987 at age 58.)

Artist Edgar Askelovic spent three months working on the piece, which is being displayed at McDermott Galleries in Birmingham.
Askelovic sold his car to buy the silicone and clay used in the lifelike work, which is based on an old photo.

"I thought long and hard about what he might look like today," Askelovic said.
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