Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Horse, A Horse, My World for a Horse

And I need riders, too. Just as I was asking, a friend presented me with the ideal material needed for a Quirky B. I am creating for I Killed the Group of Seven. the show that starts at Patrick John Mills Gallery on Sept. 15th.

I have an idea, a conceptual one that may need some explanation depending on whether or not the viewer is a movie buff.

The title of this board will be, I Groped the Magnificent Seven. I'll leave this up to your imagination.

Small mildewed box discovered in the trunk of a friend's baffed-out Mazda.
The opened box revealed these wonderful metal figurines.
There must be 30 figurines, mostly horses but some dogs and people, too.
Not sure what the box held originally but this is the metal label on the inside of the top.

Off he rides, into the sunset.
A male version of National Velvet.