Friday, 12 August 2011

Quirky B's Displayed at Bibliocracy in China Town

The stars all aligned and the weather was right; the Quirky B's made the trek to Bibliocracy, Chinatown's Rare and Used Book Store, and are now suitably in place. They will be on display until the first week of September. Be sure to check out the books while you are checking out the Quirky B's.

Seeing the boards on walls gives on the sense of how one would hang such a piece of art in their home.

They do hang.

Facade of store.
Nothing to do with History...well, maybe the Gutenboard does.
Calling Pollock from the window ledge.
The Narcissist Board
Orangeade with nude.
Two Quirky B's nestled next to a stack of books. My artist bio is going to go in that large white creative space between the two boards. Just remember, sometimes, less is more.