Saturday, 3 September 2011

Marilyn #9

Before application of heat.
With the 12 Marilyns expected in Almonte at Foodie's Restaurant in mid-September, I am working at completing them. I am concerned about what sort of grid to hang them from and a friend suggested chicken wire enclosed by a frame. I think that this will work just fine.

At dusk, I went out to the garage/workshop and tried to melt a keyboard with crayons on it from underneath. I quickly spray-painted a beige keyboard pink with mauve edges and then set it up on a grid supported by two bricks. I balanced the heat gun between two more bricks but this did not work. I wanted to see a subtle pattern formed by the crayons melting slowly but the heat was insubstantial.

After heat was applied.
I'll do more work to this board and improve it tomorrow.
Heat gun balanced between bricks.