Saturday, 3 September 2011

Voodoo You, Voodoo Me

Riffing on the idea of killing the Group of Seven. I'll say one thing, creating to a theme sure encourages me to do research to bolster ideas I come up with.

Still working on the idea for I Groped the Magnificent Seven. While considering it, I thought about how I might kill the Group of Seven. I mean, if I were alive in 1920 when the group started, and there was a need to do 'em in (I can't think of why) but let's just say, I think in order to make the deaths as mysterious as I could and to throw the trail of guilt into certain chaos, what could be more sinister and heart-clutching than voodoo.

String dolls are traditional for casting voodoo spells but as in drag racing, ya run what ya brung, I am using what I have, including white wool, green hemp, neon shoe laces and a selection of  ribbon, all suitably layered on Popsicle sticks which had been used, in another lifetime, for stirring melting wax.

And why not  hoist 'em on their own petards while I 'm at it. Forget pins and needles; paint brushes, the Group of Seven shall be impaled upon the tools of their clever, creative trade.