Monday, 12 March 2012

Morning Brainstorm

This doesn't look like much but it's part of this morning's brainstorm. The long grey panel is made of steel and I have several. They were part of a collection of fridge magnets I was given several years ago. I have never used them for this and simply tucked them under the bed knowing that at some point, I would use them.

In looking for a neutral background to use as a backdrop for various Quirky B's, I imagine that these flat, slightly mottled panels will be perfect.

В поисках нейтральный фон для использования в качестве фона для различных Quirky B's, я воображал, что эти плоские, слегка пестрые панелей будет совершенным.

Auf der Suche nach einem neutralen Hintergrund wie eine Kulisse für verschiedene Quirky B's, und ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass flache und leicht meliert panels perfekt sein wird.

Additionally, there are some other metal panels in the garage, larger than the steel ones and much heavier, with a smooth coating, perhaps a poly-film of some sort, in a shade between bottle green and pine green. A beautiful shade which should make for an excellent backdrop for The Information Highway Crashes and Burns.