Monday, 23 April 2012

Boards for Entry to Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston

There is a call for art by a gallery in Kingston, ON and I figure if I can send them what they want by the end of the week, I might have a good chance of being accepted. They are looking for 20 examples of one's work, suitably numbered with a corresponding list. I made a good start on this this evening. Need a CD of these which my computer doesn't do for who knows what reason. Relying on a friend's good-graces to do this for me.

And then, there's a CV. If I can recall the shows I've been in over the past three years, this will get done, too.  

And third, they want an explanation of what the exhibition will be about. Well, I guess can do this, too. Below are the boards I've chosen to submit. I've included The SCULZ, too, happy little crowd-pleasers that they are.
Getting the Axe
Your Brain on Drugs
The Bi-Polar Board

Bikini Board Investigated, Brazilian Wax Total Flop
The Guten Board
The Emery Board
Door of Perception


The Pink Collar Jungle
The Tims Board

Welcome to the World of High Tech
The Cradle Board

Little Houses of Ticky Tacky

Calling Pollock
The Mother Board

The Contenders
The Narcissist Board