Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Different from Yesterday

Yes, I created more fish out of modelling clay and baked them in preparation for redoing the Wishing on a Carp board and I figured out a method for copying photos and sending to the Kingston gallery but my predominant activity today was attending a demonstration at the Museum of Nature here in Ottawa, protesting the gift of money provided by Barrick Gold Corporation.
Barrick Gold is the largest pure gold mining company in the world and its headquarters are in Toronto. They gross billions each year and employ more than 20,000 people world-wide.

The social justice activists group, The Raging Grannies, were present and sang several songs demanding that the money be returned. There is nothing golden about filthy lucre.

The police had put up a flimsy and cursory barricade that kept the 50 or so people at bay. The protesters' sound system was good and would have been able to hear everything that was said.

This is why it is odd that when they decided to hand-deliver a bed-sheet-sized letter to the director of the museum and everyone slipped through an opening and walked towards the front door, the police seemed at a loss. They tried to hold hands and present a line but there were too few of them and the protesters simply went around.

There was no pushing but it was clamorous with chanting, drumming and noise-makers.

It was cold out to begin with and when it started to rain, I left the grounds and in doing so, saw from all directions, police cars and officers on foot, walking quickly if not actually running, in the direction of the museum. Someone must have overreacted and called in the cavalry. There was even a cruiser coming at break-neck speed along a one-way. I guess to get there before the fun ended.