Saturday, 12 May 2012

Marathon Day

Bit of a marathon inasmuch as I started bringing Quirky B's from the garage and restoring them on the shelves in the sun porch. The boards have been in a cold, damp garage since April 7's solo show at La Petite Mort and because of the temperature fluctuations over the past month, some repair has been necessary where the glue let go. No problem, easy to fix.

So the two boards on the right, Gone Fishing and Little Houses of Ticky Tacky, along with the Emery Board and Welcome to the World of High Tech, one of the Nail Boards and the Bipolar Board, as well as several of the SCULZ are now upstairs.
Here's that omnipresent Mephistopheles's face that the 99% seem to love to wear. At least half of the 99% are women and I wonder how they feel wearing a mask with a moustache and, is that a goatee or a tie, could be both. A subliminal tie.

There is an upcoming event in Ottawa and people will be donning this mask. I said to my group of women activists that I'd try to feminize it. I've done nothing yet although the pink is certainly in the right direction.

What I'm thinking is adding ringlettes of white hair down the sides. I have quantities of that white spirally dolls' hair which is easy to work with.

A bit of a project for tomorrow, Mother's Day, in North America and perhaps in other countries around the world.