Friday, 11 May 2012

Party Favours

Something I forgot to mention in last evening's post.

I was very fortunate to win a prize for being the first person to ask Jack Stekelenburg a question during the question/answer portion of the evening. This is something Jack had determined beforehand, that he would donate a piece of his art to the first curious person. Happened to be me.
So I got to take home the treble clef made from a discarded oil drum. Whereas I have not done any torch work, I can well imagine the steady hand it would take to do this without a glitch. Most of use can't even draw a treble clef properly much less carve one out of metal using a point of fire.

Good going, Jack!

And the book, Patrick John Mills decided to give everyone who attended one of his books. It was like entering a classroom and finding that the teacher had left something special on each student's desk.

Thank-you, Patrick!