Wednesday, 12 September 2012

It's Conceptional, Doncha Know!

Think of this hanging down. You are looking up.
This is what a keyboard looks like inside.The ABCD etc. keys are on the other side.

My plan is to affix pulls to rolled-up pink slips. They will be blank. No time to make a stencil, You're SOL, Bucko. I am following the stated theme of Saturday's rally We Are All Affected.

There are two themes, actually, the other one being, Harper Hates Us.

Box is coming along. Will put printed circuits on both sides.

Decorating it will be fun. Lots of paper streamers.

As I'm doing this, I am listening to the soundtrack to State of Siege by Greek Mikis Theodorakis for Costa-Gavras  1972 movie. It's some of the most stirring music ever created. You can watch the film in French but if you click on titles, you get subs.

In a pastel mood.