Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Making Inroads on New Endeavour

Here's that gold charm I was talking about a couple nights ago. The Dell tower is accepting photos this eve. This is smaller than your thumbnail.
An out-of-focus photo of the Tims Board with a new frame. You may recall that the last frame was blue.  The glass broke in the last one and this frame became available. It's an IKEA thing and I've primed the wooden part with white paint, planning to eventually use gold paint that'll echo the paper bag and cup on the right.
 Something I am going to work into something else.

This could be an Aboriginal piece or it could be some sort of alien art. It's signed by Martin '95. I suppose I should check and see if it's an original by someone now famous before I deface it. I do like the red and blue.

Ditto this one. Two very diverse pieces that'll have similar treatment. It'll be interesting.

The one of the three women is called Les Gracieuses and it was painted in 1992 by Charles Begin and is in the collection owned by Quebec Telephone. I will be able to do something remarkable with it.