Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A New Idea for Play

Making great headway with The Three Year Deal but as in any creative endeavour, the first is inevitably the easiest, especially if whatever one is doing is a huge hit.

It's the second thing that is problematical. Like J.K. Rowling who is now trying her hand at writing an adult book. What a hard act she has to follow after the Harry Potter series.

I expect, and I'm being hopeful and foolhardy at the same time, that The Three Year Deal will be well-received and a fabulous success.

And then what next?

This evening lead to a conversation that included an idea for another play. What if there was a group of people and they were talking about the imminent arrival of one or two other people, perhaps a couple. Each individual would have an impression, something to share about the two incoming people.

Shades of Waiting for Godot although in this case, the subject of conversation actually does arrive. Once the couple take to the stage, they are nothing like what any of the other actors have said.

And the play goes from there. My sense is that it should be a one-act wonder.