Thursday, 13 June 2013

Dying Wood

Yes, why paint and have it peel off when one can dye wood.
Of course it remains to be seen if the rain takes the colour off.
Mixing water with paint thinner and stirring in one Dylon Cold Dye roundel, didn't really work. Water and paint thinner do not mix. The actual recipe called for methylated spirits but not having any denatured alcohol or ethanol, I made do with the paint thinner.

It was interesting as the paint thinner stayed on top with no dye in it and it wasn't until it was used up that the dye suspended in the water transferred to the bare wood. I had scraped the stairs a week ago but purposely left some on the stairs to give a rustic look.

What I am hoping is that the paint thinner that went on the wood primed it and then when the colour was finally being applied, it was sinking in.

It may rain this eve so the proof will be in the pudding.