Saturday, 15 June 2013

Experimenting with Envirotex Lite

Envirotex Lite is that coating you see on bar tables and over some art work.

I tried it before but was not suitable for keyboard art. Would no doubt work with the Sculz.

But right now, am interested in whether or not it will work on guitar cases.

Using black foam board, I applied some of the substances used on the hard shell guitar cases and then my compadre/accomplice added some sequins, cats eye beads and Chinese rice paper
before drizzling on the Envirotex. What it is is a two-part solution mixed for two minutes and then poured or painted over whatever it is one wants to have a hard, glass-like surface.

This experiment was entirely worthwhile as it appears that this is going to work. The coating actually intensifies the colours and what is meant to glitter or shine shows through.  It gives the illusion of depth.

It creates a permanent hard finish that screams