Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Guitar Central

If you didn't know that this is a guitar case you
wouldn't think it is one.

With tentative daubs of paint early this morn, I
started the Epifone case procured yesterday.  This would be in the photo below. The photo on the right is how the case looks at present with colourful balls of paint and a copper outline. The outline really pulls it all together, delineates it.
 Each ball then has a circle of contrasting paint drawn around it. Hard to see but click on the photo above and you'll see the detail. More design will be added tomorrow.

This is how the Epi case looks in daylight. The one of the right is the first case I did, outside last summer, but over the past week, I have intensified the colours and added silver lines to each bar of colour. It is called The Mondrian.