Saturday, 8 June 2013

Found Items

The atmosphere is ladened with moisture, otherwise, I would have completed my guitar case today. I can't apply the final coats until it is dry. 

Therefore, I did some work on a shadow box, possibly, the final one. I am mixing some of the floral miniatures with floral one-of-a-kind jewellery discovered hither and thither.

I need to work on the overall design. 

This is a particularly interesting pewter pin that might be incorporated into the shadow box design.

You might recall that I voiced concerned over where my next guitar case would come from for me to turn into Guitar Art. I checked Used Ottawa last night and someone was selling an old York case, at least, this is what he called it, so I picked it up. Included with the case was a Burswood Pitch Pipe for guitar tuning. I have a Snark which is reliable so this pitch pipe will be a novelty. I've never seen anyone use one to tune their guitar. It'd be mighty noisy on the stage if everyone whipped out a pitch pipe and went at it.