Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Back in the Saddle

Missed two days due to broken wire in the telephone box on the pole at the rear of my yard which threw me into a nether world of no phone, no Internet.
It was by shear accident that the problem was fixed today because although I reported the lack of a dial tone, my request for service was not noted. The accidental repairman told me this today. No work order.

Meanwhile, being without Internet was like being "lost at sea" with no Calendar of Events, no e-Mail, no Google for finding out things, no YouTube for movies. I did get lots done without these distractions.

In a fellow artist's behest, I went back to the case I decoupaged a month ago and I fixed the ragged edges and blackened the sides. I polished the binding all way round.

This was an additional two days of work but the end result is superb.

You can see from the small test case below, especially the left photo, the different it made on it brushing on black Tana leather dye that had been cut with half as much rubbing alcohol.

There's a texture to these cases that needs to show through and using full-strength dye obliterates whatever's there.

The idea isn't to make these old cases look new, it's to bring out interesting features and to do interesting things to them.

The Cock A Doodle (D)oo feathered wonder is a prototype done in the dark in the garage this eve. I'll drop one of the o's in Doodle and add it to the OO along the bottom. I do not have another D but perhaps can make one.  This is going to evolve quickly as it's for an art contest for a local pub on Bank St. in Ottawa by the name of The Atomic Rooster. This contest has run for several years and there's been some grand art submitted.

Wait and see what comes out of this.  Conceptional, as always, not fine art.