Sunday, 25 August 2013

Perfecting the Look

Couple things today. The two photos on the right hand side show how I have reworked the sides of the original decoupaged case. There were rough edges which were whitish and the case itself was faded.

I mixed half and half rubbing alcohol with Tana black leather dye and brushed it on. You can see the difference. I'll put a coating of laminate on tomorrow.

Above, a detailed shot of the top of the test case which is almost done. Just the sides to do as on the right. The older cases have an alligator skin motif and if one were simply to brush on black acrylic paint or use spray paint, the detail would be covered.

Meanwhile, the musty cases are still being aired out but I am trying a quicker way by putting containers of baking soda inside  and closing the lids. This might absorb some of the odour. Apparently, kitty litter can be used, too.