Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Remember, I am not a fine artist. However, I think most will understand what these posters are saying.
We need livable cities! Ottawa, like so many other cities, is in the midst of a condo-craze. This is not something neighbourhoods are comfortable with and if you've ever taken a look at what passes for a place to hang your hat, this is about all the space you get in today's closet-sized apartments selling as high-priced condos. Ridiculous.

Saying this, it is a good idea Artengine has, to have a poster-making evening. I don't want to rain on their parade but if they are expecting all sorts of sunshine and lollipops, they may be disappointed. I like the idea of being positive and I have done positive posters and put up hundreds but when developers and governments get into bed with one another,  watch out! The city chatelaine becomes a back-street hooker pretty damn quickly.

Have your say in the city! Make a poster with Artengine!
We Make The City! We Are The City!
Poster Making Party
Thursday, August 8th 6-9PM
Artengine M70 Lab
2 Daly Ave

Come join us for a fun a conversation about the city!

This summer Artengine is running a poster challenge to get ideas out about the city, and we want you to join in. The concept is simple: think about the city you want to live in; draw or write those ideas on a poster and we will print and post them around town!

Making is often more fun together so this Thursday we are hosting a poster making party in our M70 Lab. We will provide materials, food and drink so we can get ideas on paper and out into the city streets. We will start putting up posters around the city next week, so we want to get as many as possible ready to go.

You can check out some of the first posters at and all the details about submitting on your own.

For more information get in touch with us at

We Make The City! We Are The City! is an Artengine festival happening from September 11-15th. Six new creative projects will step into the public spaces of the city and re-imagine how we make the city. To read more about the upcoming projects go to