Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Art, Art, Wherefore Art Thou Art?

Art was delivered to 78 Carruthers for the upcoming one-day art show. They may need additional pieces so I've offered the large framed photo of the Tims Board. It is around two feet by three feet.

So that 's where some of my art is, on Carruthers awaiting hanging.
I left the black and white decoupaged guitar case and the decorated guitar.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, work continues on the Ottawa Hospice Case. An acrylic coating was applied to the sides to bring out the royal blue colour and a gold fleck wash was applied to the inside. Ran out half way through so will either have to find more or make it.

Change in plans and since the top and bottom are in great shape, and have an interesting mottled effect, I am only going to decoupage the top. It's the side that shows when one is carrying it using the handle.

Make no mistake, there is painstaking effort that goes into these cases.