Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What an Artist Does in a Day

An artist creates a stand to support guitar cases using what are normally used to hang bicycles in your garage. It's not perfect but with a bit of tweaking, will be usable. Right now, there is nothing available that holds guitar cases upright for display purposes. They usually are on their sides as no one wants the case with their guitar in it to fall over.

An artist experiments with painting a case white only to find that the nozzle on the spray can is blocked and only lines of paint come out.

An artist then considers the possibilities...
An artist redoes the blue sides because in the bright light of day, coverage was less-than-perfect. And then the laminate is applied and case dried on the line.
An artist freshens up the summer bird bath and will apply acrylic to seal the paint which lifted in the water over the past couple of years.

Right, an artist takes stock of, well, stock and figures out what next to try.