Saturday, 21 September 2013

Rained Out but Most of the Artists Stayed

Arrived at Windsor Park, 9:00 am. The reserved signs and geranium I'd left the night before to hold the spot, still there.

Very surprised to see many white canopy-style tents and even a largish pup tent along the walkway in the park.

I don't know what I expected and maybe it was the fact that they were all there, set-up, in the rain.

Before I did anything, I walked the park and spoke to each artist. Quite a mixture, from people using vinyl records to make purses and jewellery to stained glass artisans, someone making small, burnished robotic pieces and conventional artists. Someone was carving wood and there were a friendly family from House of Pie serving coffee, muffins, and later, bowls of chili.

The rain let up a bit so I decided to stay. This was probably a mistake as it rained harder and lighter all day long and is still, at 7:30 pm. raining steadily.

One artist did set up her double tent, zipped it up and left with the intent of going home to paint.

It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow. If the current weather is any indication, I will not hold my breath.

If it is wet, I will not be able to return. It's just too hard on the cases. Nothing I have in the way of art withstands water. The SCULZ are friable and most of the keyboards would be ruined.

There were virtually no people in the park all day except for the occasional dog-walker, mostly locals. Everyone said that they had no idea that there was something scheduled for the park this weekend. Bit of a problem here. When one pays to be in a show, one expects a certain level of publicity. This show has been running for almost
a decade. No excuse for "first time" or anything
like that. If, indeed, this is what happened, the organizer
cheaped-out on the advertising, then
this is shabby and shoddy and I doubt there'll be
much of a show next year.

My display looked like a convention of transparent, headless ghosts.

Some of the cases will take a bit of moisture, the new ones are fine, but the older ones, predominantly cardboard, it was not an easy day for them. And one of the laminates I use appears to be water-soluble. Who could have guess this?

I did some work while there, arranging concentric circles to see if this was a superior design to mermaid-like scales.

Next to try is a spiral.

I may have lasted the entire day but the patio umbrella became saturated and when there was no protection save under the table, I felt that it was time to leave.
Homeward-bound at 2:00. Chilled to the bone and craving a hot cup of....something.