Friday, 20 September 2013

Ready or Not

I'll be there tomorrow morning to open at 10:00...unless there's a deluge and then I'll wait. A bit of rain won't matter.

Spent another marathon day and this eve, put together things to bring to do while I am sitting
at my table surrounded by guitar cases and guitars.

I want to create a GUITARABESQUE sign, for instance. And I'll work on transforming a case into a suit of mail.

This has been sanded and shellacked to within an
inch of its life. Whether or not it will be
dry by tomorrow is moot.
I was a trifle concerned this eve after getting word that spaces were not being assigned so tomorrow will be like festival seating; whomever rushes to the spot first gets it. Not knowing the park, I finally had time at dusk to take a look and judge the lay-of-the-land. Good thing, too. The park has virtually no street frontage. so hard to find, and it is hilly. I cannot set up on uneven ground. Not if I want the cases and guitar to sit upright.

I walked all the spaces and most were not suitable. Most were under trees so no sunlight to show the design of the cases, no light to reflect from the surfaces. This is why I staked-out an optimal spot close to the street but not visible as there's a bus stop right at the entrance to the park and this would be loud and distracting all day long.

If this works, then I will be on a little grassy knoll by myself and not in the thick of things at all. What this weekend endeavour might turn out to be is one hell of an expensive photo op!

This is a detail of the shot to

the left. Note the sonotube
I am using to hold the case. I have
since painted it black and it
is perfect as it holds the case
off the ground.