Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Eyebrow Update

It's been just a week and the fuzzy little buggers are really coming in now.

If they don't dummy-up and toe the tattooed line, I may have to shave them off and get the underlying tattoos removed or tattooed over in a flesh tone.

Oh joy! I have to say that with no cushioning fat in the brow area, the first time I had it done…oh, you didn't know that I had the tattoos done twice, the first time, it was painful as hell.

The artist, actually, a hairdresser/spa attendant who'd taken a course, was slow as molasses and she took her sweet time, hours, in fact. I'll give it to her that she was careful and mapped my face like an astronomy chart, all lines and trajectories. The fact that she did such an even job made it easier for the next person, a real tattoo artist working out of the back of a sleazy sex shop. This one had a great personality, though, and looked at the job as something fun and unusual, not like the regular biker/hooker trade, and did not soak me for the work. I think the first person charged me by the hour and since she took so long, the bill was, let me just say, unexpected. You know what you pay for a good haircut with colour, style and blow-dry? Well triple it.

And the original colour she came up with? Mustard yellow or what some would call baby ca-ca. I am glad I stopped her from going ahead with that plan.

People say that getting a tattoo hurts but really, it's like a rug burn. You know, like you're running along and trip, sliding your knee along the carpet. Ya, it warms up a bit and hurts, but not that much. Or it's like an Indian arm twist. Big girls don't cry, so there.

But the first time, I have to say, it hurt. And it didn't help that something kept on dripping down the sides of my face that the woman would mop up, being careful not to show me what disaster was
writ large on the tissues.  All I could think of was the movie, Bride of Frankenstein, and wondered why I'd let my vanity talk me into this.

And, as you can see, after more than a decade of wearing these brows on my face, they've taken upon themselves to turn an interesting shade of purple, almost a pathetic faded magenta.

How attractive is that!