Friday, 10 January 2014

Accomplished Much Today

The window ledge is bad, deeply gouged and rotted. I used a heat gun to strip layers of paint and then used wood filler to smooth it. Sanding followed before putting on some off-white paint. Another colour might be chosen subsequently. 

Meanwhile, I used a wrecking bar to lift the remaining tiles. The bar actually wasn't needed as the glue had long since dried out. Took up the tiles and vacuumed the area well. Found a walnut under the radiator when I was vacuuming. Reminds me of the time my Uncle Jimmy perfected opening walnuts into two equal sides, that is, not crushing the shell, and he then make a small crumpled packet of a $1,000 bill, pink they were in Canada in those days, and he compressed the bill into one side of the nut and glued it back together, presenting each member of his family with a nut for Christmas.

I have not opened this walnut but I am hopeful.

Since I removed the fridge magnets from the fridge and since I have hundreds of this things, I thought I might like to display some but not on the fridge. Looks too busy. i have several sheets of thin steel and mounted one over the kitchen doorway and stuck a few magnets on. I think in this case, more is actually going to be more so shall ferret out some good ones from the stash in the basement. I might cover two or three of these panels and then give the rest away as a job-lot.