Saturday, 11 January 2014

Two Surprises at the Dig Today

Pity those students who think they are logging on to see archaeological mysteries revealed when what the site they've arrived at is about one helluva good apartment cleaning. Too droll for words.

What the cat obviously dragged under the couch and I found is an actual floppy disk. Did you ever wonder why those hard 5 1/4" square "disks" were  sometimes referred to as floppies? Because their 7" precursors which were actually soft and floppy were called that. And before the 7" floppies IBM, at least, produced huge disks the size of a large pizza, with a squared-off tab that allowed the disk to be plugged in securely.

I have no idea what is on this and will never know because who would have a reader to decipher it?

Another surprise revealed itself today. The closet area close to my desk was almost empty and the shelves, almost arranged when the couch had to go so everything that had been on the couch ended up in this closet.

Well, it is and it isn't a closet. There are no doors an there was no rung and no built-in shelves. So I put in a shelf and then stored items on the floor space that was left-over.

I'd recognized the Dora the Explorer school bus travel-all when down to rock-bottom but left it there until I knew what I was going to do with it. It's not so much it but what it contains. This will be tomorrow's discovery at the Mannion Site of Revelation.
See, tucked in the left-hand corner, the yellow top
of a Dora the Explorer school bus. It is filled
with very special puppets. Shhh, I've
probably told you too much already.