Monday, 13 January 2014


Took the dig to another locale to search for errant files for an octogenarian who had abandoned the mother ship five or six years ago and since the housing market is hot in Ottawa, the place went up for sale one day and within hours, there was a bidding war. The people who bought it said that they'd take care of the cleaning since the house was left pretty well the way it was when a family of five lived there.

Since I missed the midnight deadline, I was so immersed in trawling from room to room in search of items best not thrown away.

One thing found that will be put to good use is a shell lined with abalone. It was by the wet bar in the basement. A friend is going to have his cousin write his name in inlayed abalone on the neck of his guitar. Should be spectacular. I am certain that it'll take more than this little shell but this is a good start.