Saturday, 4 January 2014

Home Archeology

Kitchen table this morning.
So much for breakfast. 
This is what it feels like. Digging and turning over layer-upon-layer. What have I found that surprised me? A card-reader I thought I'd lost, a gold necklace, clippings of 600 articles I wrote over an eleven-year stint working for a large daily newspaper. They fill a green plastic garbage bag nicely. These are things I didn't know I had.

Kitchen table after several  hours of packing
dishes into boxes. 
Made a dent on the piggy banks.
Not sure how to clean the grime
from the walls and surface.
The piggy bank collection, 50-some
banks, is for sale on Used Ottawa
for a give-away price of $100.
Located boxes behind a nearby store but will
need several more as only half the pigs are
packed and there are more dishes to go.

Michel-Ange was on the fridge
but now he is at waist level
on the back of the front door.
The mice can play put the
palm leaf on the, uh, it's up to
them to decide
where they want that leaf.
The couch has taken some of the spill-over. This needs to be ratified before Wednesday when a friend's bringing over a saw and we are going to cut up the couch into small pieces and throw them into the driveway two floors below. Note how guitar cases
just pop into view. I love that wooden one!