Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Excavation Continues

That's the end of the piggy banks on the kitchen table, Already, I have filled two boxes and moved them to the basement awaiting someone wanting to buy them. Pulled the Cruz Bautista box out of a snow bank from behind a store that sells vegetables from the Dominican Republic. This strong box will be the repository for this next load of pigs.
The shelf to the left once held a hundred music cassettes and was going to go in the bathroom but the bathroom got art instead. This print was one of many that was in the gallery in the garage. The cold and snow didn't hurt it and now it is well-positioned on a wall behind the bathroom door. It looks like several women at their toilette.


It's been more than month since the eyebrow saga began and now, you can see that I was not kidding when I said that my eyebrows are something to behold, and more than likely, to be amused about, to scoff at. They are totally out-of-control.

As for the blue hair gig, the colouring I used was more than semi-permanent and will take another month or two to be fully gone. By then, my hair will be past the roots showing stage and into a whole new fresh hair experience on top of my head.

 What a mish-mash of colours. It's anyone's guess what the end result will be. I wish it would come in white and get over with the faded, dish-water blonde.