Friday, 31 January 2014

Photo Montage

These photos escaped the bin. With thousands being burned, I kept a few aside that I'd taken at a
variety of Alfa Romeo Club events, the majority of these, from 2000, one from 1989. There is a potluck event upcoming, the 32nd annual, so I took today and created a photo montage that will amuse and delight next week's diners.

It is always a problem when horizontal and vertical are put together. I think it safe to say that there are more horizontal shots than vertical so I found myself doing some cutting and pasting. I created four of five vertical collages on separate sheets of paper. The photos I cut up were not that good anyway so no loss there.

The montage includes 10 photos, the majority of which are of club members at various events. Predictably, most include food, just like the upcoming event next weekend.

This annual potluck used to be held in the late-fall when given a late-frost, there were still sports cars on the road. It was inevitably fascinating to see who brought what. The club is called the Alfa Romeo club but there are Fiats, Lancias, Maserati's, and occasionally, the odd Lamborghini or Ferrari on the roster. Ferrari now has a club devoted to that marque but they join the Alfas at the Italian Car Parade, as do Vespas, Lambrettas and other Italian scooters, along with a few Italian motorcycles, Ducatis, Moto Guzzi, MA Agustas, Laverdas and I'm certain to have seen a Gilera along the way.

The obligatory, "Pop the hood."

If you are wondering what the business end of a Beetle is doing included in a montage of Alfas, I never had an Alfa and I tagged along on club events in whichever vehicle was parked with its nose facing out. The baby blue VW, so déclassé, so rounded, so plebeian, nonetheless, welcome on jaunts.

In checking a few Italian car facts, I came across an announcement of a Scooter Rally to be held here in Ottawa in  mid-August. For some odd reason, it is called the CURD Scooter Rally. Maybe they sit around eating French fries smothered in cheese and gravy, AKA, Poutine, a Canadian speciality. You can find more information here:

I have a key fob I would like to donate to the rally organizers to use as they want.

I am not certain of the provenance of this fob since it was not used by me when I had my scooters.
Rather unlikely, this fob says on the reverse side that it was made in Birmingham, UK. What a beautiful blue colour!