Saturday, 1 February 2014

Selfie Alert! Eye Brow Desert!

Press the ESCAPE button now if you do not want to see the end result of the Eye Brow Saga.

If you've been following along, you may recall the mid-December post that showed incipient eye brows as tiny sprouts making a bid for freedom. At that point, they were mostly tame but were showing signs of pathetic colouration and subsequently, over the past six weeks, they are all-but AWOL from my face.

Here's how they started. Sort of in formation and looking as if they might fill in the underlying tattoo.

That would have been the best laid plan and I wish they'd followed it.

Instead, these things are all over the place and, more to the point, not where they should be.

The right one grows more than half an inch short of the tattoo. There is a small black hair that is making an attempt to show the outer limit of the brow line but I fear the tweezers might get him soon.

It is indeed scary how the other side is doing. Not a hair is following the outline nor pretending to follow any lay-of-any-land. As you can see, two hairs are a total disgrace.

And you thought I was a vain bitch for shaving them and having tattoos instead.

Just give your silly heads a shake on that one.